Plug & Play Performance

Autonomous navigation of its working area

(no pre-mapping or calibration required)

Identifies & ties rebar intersections

Runs day or night, rain or shine, without breaks or injuries

Doesn't impede other construction equipment or infrastructure

Leased Option Staffed with a trained & dedicated Quality Control Technician

Built For Your Project

  • Rides along existing screed rail support used for concrete finishing.

  • Compatible for project widths between 10' - 100'.

  • Compatible with #8 by #9 rebar intersections.

  • Works to limits of 12% grade and 12% super-elevation.

  • Wireless controller for monitoring and override feature.

  • No additional pre-programming, equipment, permits, or dependencies required.


Easy Set-up

TyBot is extremely easy to integrate into your current operations. Once rebar is ready to be tied, TyBot automatically identifies the intersections, ties them, then keeps doing so until the job is done. With TyBot you simply have less people doing strenuous work in a complex construction environment.


Transport with F250 or equivalent truck & 40' trailer

No oversize load

Toolless assembly 

2-person assembly with crane or lift

Setup under 4 hours

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