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TyBot® prepares for European Demonstration

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

International Accelerator program includes TyBot as one of 10 selected participants

Through the success of TyBot, Advanced Construction Robotics’ (ACR) Co-founders Stephen Muck and Jeremy Searock were selected to attend the LH-Accelerator Program in France. This prestigious 6-month program began in June and is dedicated to accelerate the growth of innovative companies and start-ups in the construction industry.

The LH-Accelerator Program is designed to provide high level technical, market, and entrepreneurial expertise to start-ups, specifically those that are actively providing innovative solutions to the construction industry.

TyBot loaded into a 40' high cube for its trip to Europe

ACR is the sole start-up focused on autonomous robotic technology in the program. TyBot is an autonomous rebar-tying robot that can augment and reduce labor need in bridge deck construction providing a solution to labor shortages and lower productivity. ACR brings the vision that robots can seamlessly integrate into present day construction operations, improving risk and increasing results.

Stephen Muck was quoted saying, “Our long term goal is to see TyBot being utilized by

contractors on a global scale. We are excited for the opportunity that the LH-Accelerator Program offers with being able to gain an inside perspective of the universal business from leading international construction manufacturers.”

The program is led by three major international construction groups, LafargeHolcim, CCCC, and Sika, as well as, mentored by five respective entrepreneur coaches. The team will present TyBot in a full demonstration this November for its European debut.

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