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Co-Founder and President, Jeremy Searock demonstrates TyBot® to first International Audience

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Throughout the second half of 2018, Advanced Construction Robotics has taken part in the LH-Accelerator in Lyon, France. This global opportunity has provided guidance and network growth in the further development for ACR’s TyBot® and future robots. ACR reached the climax of the accelerator program in November by demonstrating TyBot’s capabilities in front of an audience consisting of top business and construction executives from multiple continents.

ACR Co-founder and President Jeremy Searock presented for the final time at the Lafarge Holcim facility, highlighting the issues facing the construction industry world-wide and demonstrating how robotics and artificial intelligence are part of the solution. TyBot engineer, Pat Weber, demonstrated for a live audience exactly what TyBot is capable of doing. Its groundbreaking engineering was put on display for all to see as it tied a test bridge live at the site. With this demonstration, TyBot officially tied its first non-domestic ties.

The TyBot team looks forward to the benefits of the LH accelerator continuing beyond this final presentation. Plans and inquiries expanding into international markets are growing rapidly. The next stop on TyBot’s inaugural international tour will be at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, where attendees can meet directly with TyBot’s staff to discuss business and employment opportunities. After Hello Tomorrow, the TyBot team is excited to attend the Bauma convention, the world’s largest construction trade show. Here TyBot will tie live for hundreds of thousands of attendees. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet the founders, and discuss business or employment.

Watch an overview of the accelerator and part of the TyBot demonstration here. https://www.lh-accelerator.org/

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