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A Look into the Next Generation of Construction Tools, Equipment, & Machinery

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

TyBot®, an autonomous rebar-tying robot, will be featured at the BuiltWorlds Machines Conference in Chicago, IL

The future of automation and robotics in the construction industry is here. BuiltWorlds, a media network committed to creating a better built future, is highlighting this growing sector of the construction industry by hosting the BuiltWorlds Machine Conference in Chicago, Illinois tomorrow, May 3, 2018. The conference is providing construction executives, senior field professionals and engineers, as well as technology and robotic professionals a sneak peek into the next generation of tools and equipment set to improve the construction industry.

Jeremy Searock, TyBot, LLC Co-founder and President, will be a featured speaker at the event. He will participate in the “Next Generation of Robotic Equipment” panel discussion slated for 10:50am at Kasbeer Hall in Corboy Law Center at Loyola University of Chicago. He will be one of four industry leaders discussing how autonomous tools can increase productivity and improve construction operations.

Mr. Searock said, “We are excited that TyBot® is receiving national recognition as a transformative tool that can really help the construction industry meet a growing demand.”

Leading up to the event, BuiltWorlds issued a press release featuring TyBot, LLC as one of 15 key players in the construction automation movement. The article stated that, “As we pulled together the most trailblazing players, one theme was clear: the future of construction machinery is increasingly automated. It’s one of the fastest developing sectors … as the construction industry scrambles to meet growing demands with a shrinking skilled workforce.”

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