Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to assemble TyBot®?

TyBot can be assembled in half a shift or less with only two laborers and a crane operator (approximately 1 to 4 hours depending on job width).

What prep work is required before TyBot® can be assembled on the bridge?

TyBot easily fits within existing bridge construction infrastructure. The unit uses the screed rail supports installed for the deck concrete finishing machine, which are required to be in place prior to TyBot arriving to the jobsite.

How am I able to transport TyBot®?

Mobilization is included in the lease pricing and handled by trained TyBot employees. TyBot is transported via a heavy duty pick-up truck (F250 or equivalent) and a 40' trailer. This arrangement supports up to a 66' wide bridge. Larger bridges up to 100' wide will require additional loads to transport additional TyBot extension sections.

Can TyBot® operate at night?

TyBot can tie intersections day or night, making it a flexible solution to meet your scheduling needs.

How many people need to be on site for TyBot® to run?

One! TyBot only requires one Quality Control Technician who monitors performance, reloads the tie wire spool when necessary, and ensures the robot does not impede on your safety protocol.

What should I do if a part needs to be replaced on my leased TyBot?

Nothing! Our on-site Quality Control Technicians have been trained and will be equipped to handle most maintenance and repair issues.

Can TyBot® tie alternating-intersection patterns as well as all-intersection patterns?

TyBot is capable of tying alternating-intersection patterns as well as all-intersection patterns, meeting the specifications of multiple project owners and DOT's.

How much rebar must be laid prior to TyBot® operating?

This value depends upon the spacing of the rebar and how many hours the TyBot will operate per shift. For example, in 8 hours, TyBot can tie approximately 2,504 sf of an 8” x 8” mat. You will want to be sure that your crews have placed enough rebar to be at least one shift ahead of TyBot or 2,504 sf in this case. This will ensure that TyBot can work freely and avoid stoppages.

What kind of training do I need?

To ensure that TyBot operates to our highest standards, we require our Quality Control Technicians to undergo a thorough and rigorous training period before supervising the robot in production work. A Quality Control Technician will be provided with all leased TyBot units. A three day training is provided with purchased TyBot units.

How can I lease or purchase a TyBot®?

To request a quotation for your project, please visit the Project Questionnaire page to submit the RFQ Questionnaire form. This form will be submitted directly to our sales staff for a quick quotation. If you would like to speak to one of our sales representatives about general questions or information, please visit our Contact page to submit an online request.

How can I join the TyBot® team?

At TyBot, LLC, our goal is to grow our team with talented and creative thinkers who are driven to make a difference in the industry. If you are seeking to explore a potential opportunity at TyBot, LLC, visit our Careers page to learn more.

How fast is TyBot®?

The speed or square foot per shift that TyBot can tie will depend on the bar spacing and percentage of intersections needing to be tied. Please reference the Quick Reference Chart on our Get TyBot page for current production rates.

How much pre-programming of rebar dimensions is required for TyBot®?

None! TyBot is designed to operate autonomously without any pre-programming required. It self-finds the reinforcing steel intersections, it self-locates the tie module over the intersection, and then self-ties it.

Does the Quality Control Technician remotely operate TyBot®?

No. The Quality Control Technician (QCT) does not remotely guide TyBot to the correct locations. TyBot performs this function itself. The QCT supervises TyBot and monitors its performance. The QCT does have the ability to manually override the autonomous operation of TyBot in special circumstances.

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