Company Overview

TyBot, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc., a Pittsburgh based robotics company.

TyBot, LLC is transforming how industries approach rebar-tying. Through the commercialization of TyBot, an autonomous rebar-tying robot, workforces are augmented and labor needs are reduced throughout bulk rebar-tying operations.


Rebar-tying is a time consuming, repetitive, and accident prone activity in an industry facing increasing labor shortages. Co-Founders, Stephen Muck and Jeremy Searock established TyBot, LLC in 2017 with the vision that robots can seamlessly integrate into present day construction operations and work alongside crew members to complete the riskier, undesirable tasks, increasing overall productivity. This vision is now reality!



Product Overview

If your project has a reinforced concrete deck, TyBot will tie the rebar after it has been carried and placed.


Each TyBot is staffed with an extensively trained & experienced Quality Control Technician. Quality Control Technicians are responsible for managing transport, assembly, operation, disassembly, quality assurance, and wire and fuel replacement, while ensuring safety protocols are met.


Although rebar installation is a part of your critical path, it’s not easy to consistently or reliably find the labor needed for the work. In addition, TyBot can save organizations extra time and money through workers' compensation avoidance and other organizational headaches.

Have a more specific need? Lacking screed rails? Call our sales team to find out how TyBot can help. 


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Meet Our Co-Founders

A world-class partnership with decades of civil construction experience and over 100+ years of combined multi-industry experience in robotics, software development, artificial intelligence, motion & sensing controls, and product development.

Stephen M. Muck

Co-Founder & CEO

As an experienced and award-winning executive, Steve has used his extensive business and construction industry background  to realize the vision of TyBot, LLC.

Jeremy Searock

Co-Founder & President

As a seasoned leader of diverse and multi-dimensional teams providing robotics & AI solutions, Jeremy leads daily operations to transition TyBot to the construction crew.

Interested in Joining our Team?

We are seeking highly motivated and dynamic contributors to fill out our Assembly, Production, Quality Control Technician, Finance, Quoting, and Sales & Marketing activities.


We want contributors who value the chance to develop their careers in “construction tech” in a fast-paced environment that is focused and committed to leading the long-term transformation of the construction industry through robotics applications.

TyBot, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and maintains a drug-free workplace.

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